Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

is an amazing knowledge, that allows a person to shed light on his destiny, assignment. Jyotish is knowledge tested for millennia, based on deep philosophical laws. With the help of them, a person has the opportunity to make the right decisions, to harmonize his life and develop self-awareness.

On the consultation you will know out

Your natal chart is not a random connection of planets. This is the most important "document" of a person, where all his potential is hidden, his fate. Spheres that cover Vedic Astrology:

  • periods of disease occurrence
  • internal causes of disease
  • harmonization methods
  • field of activity
  • creative potential
  • methods of capacity development
  • advantages and disadvantages
  • temperament
personal life, family, children
  • creation happy relationships
  • weaknesses in relations
  • mission
  • the main task
choice of profession
  • suitable activities
  • talent disclosure area
planetary periods of life
  • definition of the current period
  • determination of successful periods
  • useful activities in the period
money, wealth
  • money karma
  • methods of improvement
relations with partners
  • business partners
  • attitude requiring attention
How to order consultation?

To order a consultation is quite simple. It's free! To do this, you need to prepare some information, fill out and send the order form.

The necessary information for creating a natal chart and conducting a consultation will be sent to the e-mail address of the site administrator. After processing the received application, we will contact you via the contacts listed in the application as soon as possible. Please indicate as accurately as possible in the application form. This will determine the accuracy of the astrological calculations. Below is a list of the information required to complete the application form for the consultation:

  • First Name
  • Day of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth (country, city/county)
  • Contact Phone
  • Email
  • Additional Contact (Skype, Viber...)
  • Questions You Are Interested In

Prepayment - 100%.
Period of Execution 3-10 days.

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