Consultations, Forecast, Birth Time Detection
Which services you are able to order?

The services that you can get can be divided into the main three groups:

Personal horoscope
  • Your psychotype
  • Your weak and strong sides
  • Your talents
  • Your mission and predestination
  • Personal life
  • Partnerships
  • Subsurface programs
  • Career
  • Money
  • Health

You will find out which planets influence you in a given period of time, get methods for correcting planetary influences, and find out what areas of life require special attention, based on your horoscope.

Partners Compatibility
  • How resourceful will relations be
  • What will have to be faced
  • How to avoid difficulties in the attitudes
  • What to look for

To compile this horoscope, you need the data of both partners

Selection of time
  • Marriage
  • Start business
  • Building a house
  • For travel
  • For moving
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