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My name is Maya Kireeva and I'm a practicing Vedic astrologer. Vedic knowledge came into my life in 2013, and that's what captured me completely and caused a lot of changes in my life. Through this knowledge, I acquired the business of my life, to which I always had a truly heart. At the Institute of all subjects, philosophy was the most beloved. Also, I was always interested in psychology, when relatives and friends shared their problems, I always wanted to help them and provide psychological support. Therefore, I always studied books on psychology, listened to lectures, was in search of new knowledge that could help a person improve his life. After the Vedic knowledge entered my life in 2013, I found the answers to a lot of questions that concern me. Going to vegetarianism, finding a cause for one's life, improving relationships is only a small part of how this knowledge can improve life. In practice, I saw how it works, knowledge - in which a great wisdom is really laid. Then I learned about Astrology, although I was interested in this science at school, but I did not understand what kind of Astrology I wanted to study at that time. So when I finally found what I was looking for and went to study at the International School of Vedic Astrology Rami Blekt (ISHVARA), my dream came true. Jyotish became an integral part of life for me and I was again convinced of how practical and useful this knowledge is. Receiving feedback from people after consultations, you understand that Vedic Astrology is able to make people's lives better and happier. I continue to deepen my knowledge in this science, I study astrological works, I pass seminars on Astrology. And I will be glad to share this knowledge and help you with the help of Vedic astrology in various spheres of life.

My Interests

Briefly About Interests

On the site in the Blog section, you can see the following sections: Vedic Astrology, Psychology and Healthy Nutrition. Since Astrology and Psychology are my main areas of interest and work, so here I will lay out articles touching on these topics. In the section on Vedic Astrology, we consider the planetary influence of what the Jyotish system consists of, how to improve the influence of planets and much more. In the Psychology section we will consider interesting topics concerning the psychological characteristics of a person, how our psyche is arranged and so on. But the overall picture of the sphere of my interests would be incomplete without a healthy diet section. What do I mean by this expression? Definitely a vegetarian diet that changed not only my thinking, but life in general. I switched to vegetarianism in 2014 and this was the best decision I ever took consciously for my health (physical and mental, including). In this section, I will lay out vegetarian recipes, as well as articles on healthy nutrition. I would be glad if the information of this site will be useful and interesting for you.

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