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Briefly About Me

Welcome to my Vedic Astrology website!
My name is Maya Kireeva, and I invite you to explore the world of ancient Vedic wisdom through the practice of astrology. My journey into Vedic astrology began as a guiding star in my own path of self-discovery, and now I am ready to share this wealth of knowledge with you.
With my experience in Vedic astrology, I aim to provide in-depth studies of your natal chart, unveiling the mysteries of your personality, destiny, and spiritual path. Each consultation is a unique immersion into your individual energies, tailored just for you.
On my website, you will find not only astrological consultations but also resources for learning Vedic astrology, created with love and respect for ancient traditions. Let's together open the doors to the world of Vedic wisdom and understanding!

My Interests

Briefly About Interests

Vedic Philosophy: Immerse yourself in the profound philosophy of the Vedas, unraveling deep insights into life and the cosmos.
Natal Astrology: Explore the uniqueness of Vedic natal astrology, considering planetary positions at birth for a comprehensive understanding.
Mantras and Rituals: Discover astrologically-aligned mantras and rituals to enhance your spiritual connection and practices.
Meditation and Astrology: Enhance your perception of astrological influences through meditation, fostering inner balance.
Astrology Community: Join a vibrant astrology community to share experiences, learn, and grow with fellow enthusiasts who cherish Vedic astrology.

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