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The Mystery of Woman Power
masya on 09/24/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Often the phrase a strong woman draws in our imagination a lady who will "stop the horse at a gallop and enter the burning hut", with a pronounced position and her opinion on everything, an unyielding person who can command herself to carry heavy bags herself, build a house , the pressure to achieve their own and seems to be very "strong", but is it so? Is such a happy woman happy when she is left alone with her or if she peeps deep inside her soul?

Mercury in Astrology
masya on 09/23/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Mercury (Buddha - which means intelligence in Sanskrit)
a planet responsible for logic, thinking, human speech, sociability, education, writing, counting.

Mars in Astrology
masya on 09/22/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

In this article we will talk about the most warlike and fiery planet - Mars.

Influence of the Moon and the Sun
masya on 09/21/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

The moon and the sun in astrology are the two royal planets that occupy the leading role. If the Sun is a natural indicator of the human soul, then the Moon is responsible for our subconscious mind.

Vedic Astrology - Natal Card
masya on 09/20/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

The moment of a person's birth is the most important event, when a new way begins for a person prepared for this incarnation.

Periods of planets
masya on 09/19/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Human life is subject to planetary periods.
Whether we like it or not, at certain moments in our life we ​​are influenced by different planets and as a result we can observe the changes that this or that planet brings to our lives.

Planets in Vedic Astrology
masya on 09/18/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Most of us greatly underestimate the impact of the planets on human life. We all certainly heard about eclipses, magnetic storms, days when the probability of accidents increases, etc.

One can not believe and doubt this, but this once again speaks of the remoteness of man from nature. Living in the stone jungle, a person is more difficult to feel this connection, but somehow it is.
The planets, despite the fact that they seem distant, in fact, their energy fields affect not only the structure of the Earth life, but also people.

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