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What is money? Money is primarily energy. The energy of exchange and well-being. In ancient oriental knowledge, it is not said that a person must live in need. After all, in this world everything is enough and the universe does not have a goal to discourage us in anything.
But what is the problem then and why do not everyone become rich, although there are lots of people who want it?

Aquatic zodiac signs
masya on 10/25/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Watermark people are sensitive, intuitive. They are capable of realizing themselves in family relationships. For them, family and friends are important. Such people could work with people, or with psychology. They have a high sense of sensitivity, which can help them in their work with people. Sufficient strong natures. It is important for them to find recognition in an emotional form. Betrayed, compassionate. Sometimes they can be too sentimental. Are inclined to show interest in art and religion. Can be attached to pratener. Good nature, capable of giving love. Usually they have a great circle of communication. Sometimes their emotions can interfere with their decision-making.

Aerial signs of the zodiac
masya on 10/21/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

People of air signs are active, mobile. They have a changeable nature, they are sociable. Easily digest material, intelligent. These people are flexible in thinking, thinking. It is important for them to communicate their ideas to others. They love knowledge. They are altruists with a philosophical mentality. They can be dreamy and do not always correctly assess the situation.

Fire signs of the zodiac
masya on 10/20/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Representatives of fire signs have will power, determination. They like to dominate, seek power and are not averse to demonstrating their strength. Fire signs love popularity. They are capable of working on themselves. If the position of these signs in the horoscope is strong, then such people have leadership qualities, are able to establish contacts. They love freedom and are able to "shine" others. They can be too focused on themselves, they have egocentrism.

Earth signs of the zodiac
masya on 10/16/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Representatives of these signs are very "mundane" people, they are very practical in their aspirations, it is very important for them to have stability and materialize. Next, we consider each character separately.

Also it is worth remembering that the position of signs in Vedic Astrology does not correspond to Western astrology. Therefore, these interpretations should be applied only if you know your Ascending Sign or Moon sign, according to Vedic Astrology.

Recipe for smoothies
masya on 10/10/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Smoothies can be an easy way to have a bite, or replace breakfast. I have one single rule that I adhere to when preparing smoothies - is the addition of various useful ingredients that are not at all interesting in dry form or individually. Read the recipe and experiment!

Stop being afraid
masya on 10/10/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

The Dalai Lama about fear:
"When I was young, I was always afraid of dark rooms. Since then, years have passed, and this fear has disappeared. The same applies to communication with people: the more your mind is closed, the more you will be afraid and the less you will feel yourself. This is the fruit of my personal experience. When I meet someone, it does not matter to me whether it is a great person, a beggar or a very ordinary person. Most importantly - with an open and kind face just smile at this person. "

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