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Vegetarian borsch
masya on 10/10/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

So autumn came. With the onset of coolness, I'm more and more hungry for dinner, eating something that is vegetable, substantial and useful. This dish was for me a raw vegan vegetarian borscht. The taste is excellent, and because the vegetables are not boiled, the benefits are obvious.

Dietary cakes
masya on 10/10/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

If you, passing by the confectionery department in the store, or by the bakery, where the baking smells you are familiar with come from, can not be kept and the thought of the good old cake is firmly settled in the head, then there is a way out. All favorite cakes exist in raw food. Such a delicacy does not settle on extra pounds on your body and is also a very useful dessert.

Recipe for homemade unleavened bread
masya on 10/10/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

I want to share a recipe for my favorite bread. My family has not bought bread in a store for a long time, I gladly bake it myself, but I am happy with all the household members. Bread turns out much tastier, and most importantly more useful than what we see in the store. It is made on rye leaven, how to cook it you will learn further. The benefits of purchased bread, especially from white flour, are controversial and far from being offered to us in stores, so homemade homemade bread is a contribution to improving your health. Especially it can be diversified by adding various bran, seeds, nuts. Variations are mass, but I will show the simplest "classical" version of whole wheat and rye flour.

Raw cake
masya on 10/10/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Today I'm sharing with you a recipe for your favorite raw food porridge. Very tasty, light in performance and nutritious. This recipe is certainly suitable for breakfast, it will charge you with energy for the whole day.

Fruit water
masya on 10/10/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

We all know the importance and benefits of water. But you will agree, not everyone is able to turn a rule into drinking a rule of 1.5 - 2 liters a day. And I'm no exception. Relationships with water in my case differ periodically. Then this is a strict tracking of the necessary standard for the organism, or this gradual descent into nothing and the restriction of 2 glasses of water in the morning. Strangely enough, but the habit of drinking water immediately after awakening took root in me firmly. In those moments when I understand that I do not drink enough water, my search for information on how to accustom myself to this useful habit begins. I passed the stage when I put a pitcher of water in a prominent place, but even these measures were of a temporary nature. My last favorite and the opening was fruit water. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also its taste is more enriched. Such water will definitely want to drink, and the fruits that are in it can be regarded as a pleasant bonus. Usually I do this kind of water in the evening and I let it brew until morning. But if this is not possible, enough for a couple of hours, so that the water will acquire a delicate fruity aroma. For such water, you can use not only fruits, but also vegetables. Various combinations are possible with the addition of herbs, etc.

Desire power
masya on 10/09/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

How strong is the energy of our desires. Is it possible to satisfy all your desires? Where do these desires lead? Interrelation of happiness and zalaniy. What Vedic wisdom says about this, let us consider in this article.

Raw cucumber
masya on 10/06/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

The recipe for a very tasty raw dessert, namely "snickers", as I call them. Time for cooking is minimal, you will need a blender, some products and a good mood. The recipe is very simple, but at the same time spectacular in its performance. You probably surprise your family and friends if you tell them that this dessert is not only useful, but also raw. Nobody suspects that this dish was not subjected to heat treatment.

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