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masya on 10/06/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

What is Atma-Karaka? And what does she have to do with the horoscope? Atma-Karaka is primarily a planet, it is also called the queen of the map, for its importance and significance. What does this planet carry in itself? Atma - translated as "soul", karaka - "indicator", i.e. this planet is the indicator of a person's soul.

Anger and irritation
masya on 10/05/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

If we want to have harmonious relations with others and develop, we must work with the energy of anger. It is obvious that the destructive power of anger is great and yielding to it, we are capable of destroying close relationships in the family, at work with friends. The scriptures say that "Lust, anger and greed are the three qualities leading a person to hell."
In Vedic Astrology, Mars is responsible for the aggressive energy of pressure, irritation. People with a weak Mars in the map are difficult to cope with the energy of anger.

Rakhu and Keto
masya on 09/30/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Rahu (Dragon Head) - the northern, or ascending node - is the point at which the Moon crosses the ecliptic in its movement from south to north. The energy of this northern node is associated with ascent, expansion, but this energy is negative.
Ketu (Tail of the Dragon) - the southern, or descending node - is the point at which the Moon crosses the ecliptic in motion from north to south. The energy of this node is associated with descent, compression, but is not considered as unfavorable as the northern one.
These are shadow planets, and it is impossible to see them in a telescope, because they simply do not have the material mass. Jyotish is very attentive to the position of these planets. they are an indicator of the karmic tasks of man and his past karma.
"Rahu exudes smoke, his body is dark, he dwells in the woods and terrifies, he has an air constitution." Ketu is like Rahu. " Parasara 3.30

Saturn in Astrology
masya on 09/30/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Saturn (Shani - from Sanskrit "slow") in Vedic Astrology is given a special place, it is the most honorable planet, which gives the opportunity to change the fate. Despite the fact that this planet is suffering, it should be remembered that the action of this planet is karmic. Saturn is an indicator of death, disease, separation, poverty. Saturn is compression and destruction, it is severe and sometimes cruel. "Saturn is tall, lean and yellow-eyed, he has an air constitution, he has large teeth, he is lazy and chrome, and his hair is tough." Parasara 3.29

Venus in Astrology
masya on 09/27/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

Venus (Shukra - from Sanskrit "glittering light," "warmth," "seed," which carries the beginning of a new life) is a planet of love and beauty. The planet of creativity, responsible for art, music, poetry, painting, dancing. This is the planet responsible for the female character traits, so it is strongly manifested in the behavior of women. This planet is the personification of the spirit of femininity.

"Venus has a playful disposition, her body is beautiful and radiant, her eyes are charming, she is the inspirer of poets, she has a water-air constitution and wavy hair"

Parasara 3.28

How to set goals correctly?
masya on 09/26/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

We all want to be happy, successful, loved. But how strong is this determination? After all, in order to be happy, self-cultivation, you will definitely have to sacrifice something on this path.
It can be bad habits, bad company, personality traits, which you need to work on, etc.
Therefore, before setting a goal, it is necessary to understand whether I am ready for the changes that will necessarily accompany you on the path of achievement.

Jupiter in Astrology
masya on 09/25/2017 updated on 10/25/2017

The most benevolent and generous planet in Astrology. Jupiter is also called Guru (spiritual master - Sanskrit name), or Brihaspati (Guru of the Gods). This indicates once more the status and qualities of this planet. Guru also means "heavy" or "one who takes away the darkness" - this is all inherent in this planet. Jupiter is the teacher of righteousness, justice. He expands everything he touches.

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